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Welcome To
Oak City

Welcome to Oak City International College; over here, fresh student are admitted each year to join the Oak City family. Our well trained, experience and committed lecturers work hand-in-hand through our student-centered approach to assist, motivate and support our student through their course of study till success come their way...

Ultra Modern Lecture Rooms

Our ultra modern lecture rooms make teaching & learning a great pleasure

Affordable Tuition Fees

Affordable tuition fees and flexible payment packages are available for our students


Seminars, Workshops, & More

We equip our students with numerous Seminars, workshops and more…


Serene environment & more...

Serene environment, conducive for effective teaching and learning


Our Courses

Why Oak City?

Our conducive environment, ultra modern classrooms, well trained and experienced lecturers and the excellent interpersonal relationship between students and staff makes us the Number One institution for your choice.

Fully Accredited Tertiary Institution

Affiliated to University of Cape Coast (UCC) for Diploma Nursing, Accredited by National Accreditation Board (NAB), Nursing & Midwifery Council (N&MC), for Diploma Nursing, Allied and Health Professional Council for Med Lab, Accredited by Ghana Education Service (GES), Technical Examination Unit: NABPTEX!

Digital Laboratory

Well equipped laboratory for the students

Expert Advisors

We don’t let our students down!

Get Certifications

We’re accredited to award certificates to qualified and deserving students

Email & Notification

We email and notify students/parents with academic news timely


Our Professional Lecturers

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    Why Choose Us


    Our well trained and experience lecturers are ready to coach you through  your chosen program at Oak City International College. What is needed from you is your cooperation with our lecturers and be disciplined and determined to achieve your ultimate goal!

    YOU Need Expert Advisor

    For every professional course there is the need for an advisor/counsellor to guide you through the entire course to the end!

    We guide you to choose the right course of study
    We assist, motivate and support you to better your performance
    Students can count on the commitment of our expert advisors

    Institutions are built on the premise of excellence with the main goal of producing excellence and qualified products capable of solving both national and international problems of which Oak City is not exception.
    Structures have been put in place to motivate and support students throughout their course till success come their way!

    Why Choose OAK CITY?

    We’ve put together all required resources to help train students to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to make them job ready and fit well into the job market!


    We’ve ultra modern academic facilities and conducive environment to accommodate all students with different background to learn in comfort. Our serene campus atmosphere make teaching and learning more effective. Our beautiful environment and spacious classrooms makes campus life more desirable and worth experiencing!

    Scholarship Package

    To ease the cost of education and make way for everyone to attain education in Ghana, Oak City International College has designed scholarship packages for its deserving students

    Scholarships are awarded based on college requirements
    Overseas scholarship packages are available for qualified students
    Scholarship package is available for qualified and deserving-brilliant but needy students from less privilege homes and communities

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